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Unlike what most people here think, I'm actually heavily obsessed towards the 5th Generation, aka Black/White and Black 2/White 2. I happen to be a certified 5th Generation Fangirl.

This generation introduced so many awesome Pokemon (and my beloved Oshawott too!), new twists to battling, new competitive strategies, awesome characters, and also the most epic story in the franchise. Black 2/White 2's post-game was also very impressive.

Not to mention most of the Unova Pokemon were very handy to use in-game thanks to some beastly stats among most of them, and B/W having only new Pokemon pre-E4 was a nice twist I wanted cos it helped older players such as myself get refreshed with the game.

And if I were to live in any of the main regions I would definitely choose Unova. It's just so beautiful and picturesque!
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