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Adrian didn't wait for Destiny, he knew that the older reaper would be in in a flash herself. Taking a few steps back Adrian leapt through the window... or at least he would have if the window had still been there, magic really was a wonderful perk of being a reaper, he had managed to completely disintegrate the dirty glass.

Nox would be fine on his own for the time being Adrian though to himself as he drew the smoky-looking, charcoal coloured blade he carried from his Sheath and began to hack the heads off of any vampire that came within reach, several of them didn't realise what was going on being still focused on Nox, but eventually the group worked out what was going on and got their wits about them
"There are more of them you idiots" yelled one of the shorter Harbingers, the one furthest from Adrian.
It was at this point that several of the blood-lusting vampires dived for Adrian at once giving him the opportunity to try something a little bit crazy using his superior speed Adrian threw himself into the air before the vampires could hit the ground. Laying back he twisted his legs around the demon in front of him whirling his body around and thus removing its head. He coupled this move by using the momentum of his turn to slice the heads off of multiple assailants before dropping to his knees and stabbing up through the heart of another. Which was a rather inconvenient time for green bolt of light to come flying at him out of nowhere.

Adrian rolled to the side and onto his feet only to discover that, of course, the bolt of energy was now expanding... and burning everything it touched.
"Freaking Harbingers" commented Adrian on the irritating blob of glowing green which appeared to be some weird form of dissolving or burning spell. Again tapping into his own reserves the Swiss reaper froze the weird attack solid, he'd come back to fix it later but at that point in time more vampires were converging on him and two Harbingers were slowly making their way towards him.
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