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    The Ultimate Lyric Challenge

    The Challenge:
    The Lyric Challenge incorporates your favorite music into your Pokemon adventure! You and your team of 6 Pokemon will face enormous challenges as you spread the joy of your favorite song all across the Pokeuniverse!
    In other words, in this challenge you will pick a song and then build a team of 6 using the genre, band, and lyrics of the song.

    The Rules:
    1. Cheating/Hacking in certain Pokemon is allowed (only if they can not be obtained in the game normally prior to completing the challenge and if trading is unavailable)
    2. Trading is allowed to get your team members
    3. You must have a full team of six upon completion of the challenge, excluding HM slaves.
    4. HM Slaves are allowed
    5. Emulators are allowed
    6. No Legendary Pokemon are allowed
    7. Challenge ends upon defeating Blue(R/B/Y/FR/LG), Red(G/S/C/HG/SS), Steven(R/S), Wallace(E), Cynthia(D/P/Pt), Alder(B/W), or Iris (B2/W2).
    8. If you feel like the entire world should hear your song, then you may participate in the Ultimate Lyric Challenge where you go through all five gens.

    Your Team:
    I. The Genre - This Pokemon represents the genre of your chosen and must be of a type that corresponds with that genre(List Below).

    Classic Rock - Rock-type

    Dubstep - Dragon-type

    Country - Ground-type

    Metal - Steel-type

    Techno - Electric

    Folk - Ground

    Reggae - Water
    Swing - Bug

    Jazz - Ice

    Rap - Fighting

    Emo Rock - Dark

    New Age - Psychic

    Bluegrass - Grass

    Punk - Poison

    R&B - Normal

    Funk - Fire

    Disco - Ghost

    Pop - Flying

    Alternative Rock - Rock

    Soul - Psychic

    Indie - Flying

    2. The Band/Singer - This Pokemon represents the band that plays your song.(e.g. Dragonforce -> Dragonite)

    The remaining pokemon on your team are based off of the lyrics of the song itself and at least one pokemon must be based off of the chorus of the song

    Sign Up:
    Game: (if participating in the Ultimate Lyric Challenge please list all 5 games)
    Song: (Title/Artist/Genre)
    Team: (The 6 Pokemon you plan on using)
    Reasons: (The explanations of each Pokemon and how they fit into their category)

    My Sign Up:
    Username: MythologicalHAX
    Game: White 2
    Song: The Crow and the Butterfly/Shinedown/Emo Rock
    Team: Tyranitar, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Butterfree, Milotic, Gengar


    Genre - Rock/Dark-type... need I say more?

    Band - Shinedown is usually dark, but they shine through the darkness and try to bring heavier meaning with most of their music, Umbreon just seems like a perfect fit to me.

    Chorus - Just like a CROW chasing a butterfly, dandelions lost in the summer sky.

    When you and I were getting high as outer space,

    Never thought you'd slip away.

    Guess I was just a little too late.

    Reason - Honchkrow is based off of a crow.

    Lyric - Just like a crow chasing a BUTTERFLY, dandelions lost in the summer sky.

    When you and I were getting high as outer space,

    Never thought you'd slip away.

    Guess I was just a little too late.

    Reason - Butterfree is... well... a butterfly... nuff said.

    Lyric - Your words still serenade me,

    Your lullabies won't let me sleep,

    I've never heard such a haunting melody,

    Oh it's killing me...

    And now I can barely breathe.

    Reason - Milotic is based loosely on sirens, mythical creatures who hypnotize sailors with their beautiful singing voices and lure them into dangerous waters where their ships would crash killing them.

    Lyric - I painted your room at midnight,

    So I'd know yesterday was over.

    I put all your books on the top shelf,

    Even the one with the four leaf clover.

    Man, I'm getting older.

    I took all your pictures off the wall,

    Wrapped them in a newspaper blanket.

    I haven't slept in what seems like a century,

    And now I can barely breathe.

    Reason - this verse is about a lost loved one coping with the depression and not being able to sleep because of the constant nightmares. Gengar is a Ghost-type Pokemon, signifying what used to be. Gengar is also known to cause nightmares and to feed on the dreams of those asleep.

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