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    Dunno where I stopped, so here's the latest.
    I finished all of the gyms! Last few gyms were a piece o' cake, the dragon gym was a tiny bit harder but what interested me was the *SPOILER* freezing of the town by team Plasma. I then went off and beat Kyurem (I'm in white 2, so I beat black Kyurem) and then got through victory road. Was a pain. I kept losing a pokemon after each fight, so I had to heal after every three trainers or face bankruptcy. Eventually I pulled through, trained a bit so that all of my pokemon were 54+ (my Hydreigon evolved! my sole 64, all of the others are 50s) and then challenged the E4. My team was as follows:

    Aviator (Braviary)
    Level 54

    Level 54

    Level 54

    Level 54

    Triplex (Hydreigon)
    Level 64

    Elevoltek (Electivire)
    Level 55

    I then challenged them. Aviator beat the fighting guy almost by himself; the idiot lowered his defense, because of his DW ability his attack went up two stages and I destroyed him. Psychic girl had no chance against Triplex; I used Electivire against her flying thingy because it had ice beam, but the rest were OHKD by Triplex's Crunch. Dark type was easy, I used a combination of my pokemon to train all of them so that I'm ready for the champ. Now I have to beat ghost only, imagining it will be a piece of cake. Then the champ. Hopefully some random power crazed evil mastermind won't break in between our fight this time.