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    Hello! I would like to post the storyline for my new hack, (obviously still in development) Pokémon Orange. I would first like to say, I am adding many new Pokémon. Should I do that? Please say if not, but there are at least 14 new Pokémon essential to my story. This story takes place in the Condur region(new).

    The story starts in your home town of LeafGround (I'm kind of bad with names... Could anyone give me help on this?). You are watching your father battle a challenger on the television. Your father is the champion. It is your 12th birthday, and your mother calls for you. You go down the stairs to have the usual lecture about being safe, and she tells you how since today is your birthday, you can choose a Pokémon at Professor Pine's lab. She gives you running shoes (hate it without them should you get them later?) and you walk outside. You notice your bike is gone, so you go to your friend's (rival's) house. They give you back the bike, and you walk to the shore with them where you see the Professor. Your rival is younger than you, so he goes back to his house. The Professor escorts you to the lab. She goes inside, but a mailman knocks you back, and hands you a package from your dad of 5 potions and a Pokéball. You go inside, and you see a strange sight. The three starter Pokémon Grink (grass and dark), Wubble (fighting and water), and Cunda (fire and psychic). They jump through the window, and you run after them. The Professor tells you to stop, but it is too late.
    They go into a forest, shadow forest. They fight on one path, and Cunda makes a giant flame that blocks the path. The only other way is on a bike only path. You ride down the bike only path, and there is a Cubco (new normal little bear) crying because of its hurt foot. So you reach down to pet it, and snarls come from the forest. A bunch of Bearousas (new normal fighting giant bears) come out of the forest, and start shooting hyper beams at you. You block one with your bike, and it shatters. The next one head toward your face, but a Monly (new fighting and flying flying monkey, the star (besides you) jumps in the way and blocks it with its wings, sending the bolt back, scattering the Bearousa. You thank the Monly, and think. You ask the Monly to come with you to help break up the Pokémon. It agrees, and the both of you walk through the forest, coming into the occasional Pokémon. You then battle Cunda, and beat him, and take the three starters back to the Professor. You can’t decide which one you want, so the Professor suggests Monly (don’t worry, you can get the starters elsewhere), and Monly chimes in.
    So the Professor does the usual catching and teaching drills. You head off to the next town (no name, has a fighting type gym, and a big forest full of spiedirs in it) in hopes of challenging your father. When you reach the town, a Hitmonfly (evolution of Monly and your father’s) drops you a package with a note and an egg inside. The egg is a Grink’s egg. The note says how proud your father is. You stop by the Gym, and suddenly it is stormy. A great shadow passes over the town, and the gym leader comes out to look at it, and sees it to be a floating castle. He runs into the forest to find a way up. You follow him, and in the center of the forest, there is a ramp up. You run up the ramp, and it starts to break. The gym leader uses a Springo (new fighting Pokémon with springy legs) to pull you up. The two of you go into this Castle, and you find a lot of people with psychic Pokémon for team “PUFOOW” (psychic users for our own welfare) On the way, a floating pinkish Pokémon flies by. You fight your way to the end, and you see your father fighting a guy using a Psikie (interchangeable with Alakazam) with his Hitmonfly.
    The castle flies away and you have to jump. You fight the gym leader back in the gym, and get your badge. Basically that is all I have except for the end. In the end you go to the top of this large island, and on the top, team PUFOOW (which you call team Puff) if trying to make a legendary Pokémon Miraga (a Pokémon that can turn into any Pokémon) turn into a more powerful Benevad (psychic legendary first Pokémon), the first Pokémon. It does, but in mid process you attack it warping what it becomes, and keeping it frozen in that form. It becomes Malavad (the anti-Benevad, dark, not psychic). The leader takes him and you have to battle them. You end up gaining Benevad’s trust, and catch it with a master ball. There are many legendary events later that would fit into this storyline, but this is all I have so far.

    What do you think? If you have any ideas, please tell me, I am aslo coming up with more.