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Time for an update, people!

Been holding back since I promised I won't update till I'm in possession of something good. But I can't hold back anymore. :p
Thank you for the comment, by the way, Max!

Nick's theme
[with stocks]

These are for nick's theme. The first tag is a little different from what I usually do, I believe. It might be lacking in some departments but I've tried new stuff, namely - pentool and advanced blending of textures. Yes, I haven't used them before. :p Click on them to see the stocks, btw.

Then there are these: (without stock links)



^ had some color adjustments. So yeah, listing it among my 'works'.

Really loving this one, to be honest. Maybe because it has bewbs? Idk. :p Middle one has slight change in orientation, by the way. The one on the right is just a text-less version of the first (my fave).

Video Editing - Something different

And I've been trying my hand at video editing for a while. I'm no good right now but I've managed to make one-two trailers/amvs/openings people liked. I consider video editing an art too so I'm gonna post them in here as well.

^ my best video as of yet.

^ don't pay attention to the fact that the lyrics don't match with the footage. I went with the flow and worked on it according to the 'music' and not the vocals. :p

Then there's my most watched video. Dunno why people liked it more than the others, honestly. Maybe because it has 'dubstep' in it?

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