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    This may sound a bit wierd but it might be worth keeping a note of the people on here who still play D/P/Pt. Wouldn't it be cool if we had a network of people who we know we could battle with and trade against? Its so hard to find someone who hasn't sold their soul to the 5th generation and moved their teams across.

    What do you guys reckon?
    Pokemon Y Friend code: 2466-3718-0345
    Friend Safari Type: Bug (Ledyba, Illuminise and Heracross)
    Pokemon Y battle record 5-1-1 (W-D-L)
    Vs Non-Poke Community trainers:
    Wins: Sven (1) Lynah (1) Colin (1) Juan (1) Nathan (1)
    Draws: -
    Losses: Iceman (1)
    Vs Poke Community trainers:
    Wins: -
    Draws: - Chell (no result)
    Losses: -
    Please note I am a UK trainer, therefore our time differences for battle and trade planning purposes will be:
    New York time: -5 hours (e.g 12pm your time is 5pm my time)
    Tokyo time: +8 hrs (e.g 12pm your time is 4am my time)
    I am always free between 5pm and 8pm my time Mon-Fri, and 12pm - 12am at weekends for battles or trades.

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