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What do you think of dark type pokemon-

The thing about dark types is that all of the pokemon look like they should be of that type. Not like some pokemon from other types that look like they belong to another type. Other than that almost all of the dark types look cool and are good for battling.

Your partners -

Tyranitar, Honchkrow.

Current Topic
●What is your favorite shiny form out of the Dark-types? (Feel free to list more than one or have a top 5/10/ etc. like thing.)Least favorite? (if you have one/any.)

My favourite shiny has got to be Umbreon. Those blue stripes perfectly complement the black colour. Same goes for Zorua who is second. My least favourite shiny dark type is a tie between Honchkrow,Weavile andMurkrow. That pink suits them horribly as they are all supposed to be bossy pokemon.

What types rule –
Dark types rule.