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    Jack Davis - Mountain Region

    Really? Shadoan was buying into this? It had been a day, a single day for crying out loud! There were different pokemon! He didn't have a kimono! If he was really Kiba where was his freaking kimono!? Jack can't identify him without his kimono! Jack just saw how the guy reacted and sure he felt a bit bad to make someone cry, but that was no doubt an act. Besides, he had better things to do now. Jack got up and began to roll up his sleeping bag. "Shad, if you want to stay here and talk to this guy fine. I'm not. You told me to calm down but I can't accept that now. Out there somewhere is Kiba. If you are willing to forget about him that easily then I will make sure to remember him! I'm going and getting out a missing persons ad. I'll do whatever I can to find him you hear? Come on Charlie let's get out of here." He muttered angrily as he put in his sleeping bag back in his pack.

    The Kadabra got up with a smirk as he looked at the Gardevoir once more. "I hope we meet again in the future. You look like a good one" He whispered to her inside her mind. He wasn't ashamed of his lust actually. Once he became a Alakazam then he would be adored by women such as her!

    Jack began to head out with a frown. If he wanted to forget so easily then fine! But this was Jack's fault! He was going to find Kiba no matter what it took.
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