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a hunter is someone who knows how to live off the land
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Mikash Blinov

Mikash reached Itim, he walked over to a nearby salesman and asked " did u see a wounded knight come here on a horse?". The salesman said "Yes they found him on the outskirts of town. he looked like he was in pretty bad shape. They took him and his horse to the inn." Mikash thanked the salesman and walked into the inn.
He walked through the door and approached the innkeeper and asked where the knight was. The innkeeper looked at Mikash cautiously and said "Who are you to ask about the knight?" Mikash introduced himself and the innkeeper and it was then he looked a little relieved. The innkeeper then leaned towards Mikash and said,"The knight entrusted me to give you his horse and told me to tell you to head to Issathon. King Johar Ulond is looking for you". Mikash thanks him and walks out of the inn. He mounts his horse and rides off to Issathon.
When he approached the gates of Issathon He noticed to guards talking he walks over to them and told them " I am Mikash Blinov you might know me as
The Sovereign Hunter. I was sent here by a knight he told me the King is looking for me." They nodded and opened the gate Mikash walked in. Feeling nervous he puts his cloak on and covers his head with his hood and heads to the keep.
Somewhere in Elwynn Forest I am needed, My friends and I pledged to King Varian Wrynn Ill do my best to help the alliance win the war against the horde. And as a result if I am to die to protect the people of the alliance from the dreaded horde then make it so. shield against shield sword against sword, No matter what I lay my life on the line of war. For the alliance!

My RP character:Mikhash
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