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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
It appears that the bat guano crazy rape comments are by no means confined to the GOP.
If you listen to the guy's words (and ignore the spin on the rest of the website and the spin book-ending the video itself) they aren't anywhere near the kind of crazy talk that is "legitimate rape". What the guy seems to be saying is that we should resort to deadly force when we feel threatened. The only real debatable point in what he's saying is whether carrying a gun makes you safer compared to the use of call boxes, whistles, safe zones, and so on. And since he was talking about situations in which nothing specific has happened, when someone just has a feeling of unease or danger, having options other than deadly force seems reasonable.

Nothing the guy said made it seem like he thought rape was a good thing (a.k.a. Paul Ryan's "method of conception" comment) or that women were the cause of rape (blaming the victim) or, really, anything comparable to the crazy rape comments we've had from Republican politicians.

So again, this is really just a question of whether having a gun makes you (and the people around you) safer. It's a reasonable thing to talk about.