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Despite knowing that the games would be released worldwide in the same month doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be released on the same day. I'm sure later on they'll reveal the separate days in where it's going to be released. I'm assuming the US will get it before Japan for a change.
Originally Posted by iTeruri View Post
More than likely I'll get the games the day before the release date. I think Diamond might've been the last Pokémon game I bought on the release date, all others I bought before the official release date (with Black being the exception, but I got white the day before the release). I even got my 3DS the day before the official release (does that make me a very early adopter?).
I remember when I tried buying Pokémon Platinum at Kmart here in Australia before it's release date and it led to the one of the Kmart staff members getting into trouble for almost allowing me to purchase the game before it's release date, and so after that... they refused to sell it to me until it's release date.

So unfortunately... I'd have no choice but to buy it right on it's release, the same thing will happen with X and Y. So disappointing though, but I guess that's their strict guidelines. :(
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