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"I'm sure they would treat your Pokemon as long as you cover up your Plasma symbol. Not having pokeballs doesn't stop them from treating your Pokemon either, so I'm sure you should be fine." Leon pushes Grey's money away. "We still need to buy potions, but let's focus on our Pokemon's stamina too. Potions can't heal a tiring heart like a Pokemon center machine can. With that in mind just do as I say and don't go overboard about being on Team Plasma. Trust in me just a bit, partner." Leon grabbed his Pokemon and Grey's hand and started heading towards the Pokemon center doors. He suddenly stopped and looked over to the Patrat trainer. "You should heal your Patrat too, even though it didn't do much..." With that, Leon and Grey proceeded into the Pokemon center, with Leon covering Grey's Team Plasma symbol. "Hello there, Nurse Joy, please heal our Pokemon." the nurse gave them a slight glance, but simply shrugged off any suspicion and proceeded to heal their Pokemon with the machine. Leon gave Grey a thumbs up as he returned his Pokemon now fully restored to him. "Thank you very much, Nurse Joy." With that Leon escorted him and Grey out of the Pokemon center.

"Alright from here on out we are headed to take on the gyms. So I don't want to see any slacking from you, ok?" Leon proceeded to walk out of the town with Grey tagging along. Once they crossed through the tunnel like structure they found themselves on Route 2. "Leon, have you thought about catching a Purrlion for your team?" PAM asked. "I think I will pass on that for now, let's just reconfigure for the next route to see a suitable Pokemon to capture." "Agreed, now reconfiguring for the next route following for possible Pokemon captures." "Grey, let's make short work of this route that has wild Pokemon or random trainers." Leon begins to move forward into the route.
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