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    Irek sighed as he rushed after Jack and stopped him half way towards the Field of the Fallen. "HOLD UP!" He was able to get Jack to stop as Irek put a red flashing beacon into his pocket. "I already put out a missing trainer ad through the leagues officers... The ad is still active if you still believe he's out here. The league will deliver the news of any results of him as long as you have the beacon... I know its not much, but it's something worth trying... I'm heading back, good luck on your job." With that, Irek fled back to camp.

    Field of the Fallen
    As Jack moved forth away from camp, trying to get Kiba's disappearance off of his mind; he slowly approached the Field of the Fallen. As he drew closer, he felt a disturbance; An uneasy feeling coming from the stones sticking out of the ground. Shadoan had mention the field was a place for psychic pokemon and that the meteorites that had landed in this place had a reaction to psychic pokemon. before he could start his job, looking for the pokemon food crate, he heard an explosion. Taking cover and being cautious, he looked over the stone to view a gathering of psychic pokemon, creating shadow balls and tri-attacks! They were throwing them at a troop of fire pokemon, returning fire with flamethrowers, fire blasts and earthquakes. Jack had caught himself in the middle of a Pokemon Turf War! Both sides fighting for territory to expand! With the powers raging from both sides, the turf war doesn't look like it would be ending soon.

    Northwest Path: Mountain Region Camp

    As Irek returned to the camp, Kiba began introducing his new team. Before Shadoan could speak, Irek asked Shadoan "How do you know its him?" Shadoan turned to Irek and chuckled a little. "A few examples; Kiba's standard stance on how he stands and walks; Ki his Lucario is with him; What also really seals the whole deal are his eyes." Irek Looked at Kiba as Shadoan chuckled a little. "Kiba had two different eye colors, this information taken into account tells me he's Kiba alone." Irek looked back at Shadoan and sighed as he hopped in front of the fire. Turning to Kiba's team, Irek replies with introductions. "I'm Irek; I'm an ex-officer to Earth and Sky. I've quit to help my friend Shadoan over there make it through the league in one piece and assist him in winning the summer or fall conference." Shadoan gave a humble bow towards Amber and Z. "...Like he said, I'm Shadoan... The depressed fire pokemon over there is Avaith, the angry bug is Jev. The cuddling Eevee's are Light and Stella, though light evolved into an Umbreon, and my wingull, Ulla is currently scouting the area. She'll be back soon." "CAN WE HAVE THE WINE YET?!" Irek turned to Jev and sighed. "Jev, if your looking to get drunk off of something, then fetch the pink fruit off of that tree over there." Jev got up and rushed over, climbing the tree as he attempted to reach the said fruit. "WHAT IS THIS STUFF!?" "It's called Muddle Peach!" Shadoan turned around to Irek with a note book open; turning to the entries on the other two items he had recorded on using herbs and nuts. Sol vines and Moon Roots were already recorded. "What do Muddle Peaches exactly do?" "They are very flammable and make good explosions. If you have a bag of two or three and mix them in with a Goten Mushroom, bad-a-boom, new hole. The juices they secrete act as an antidote for most poisons you can contract here in Lethia. They aren't exactly sweet, but editable. Eat several at one time and you can get buzzed pretty hard." Shadoan started writing into his notebook. "And Goten Mushrooms?" "Can be found around dead trees; Tasty, safe to eat and have earthy properties to enhance the powers of a psychic pokemon 3-fold. The downside the pokemon using that power to its advantage will suffer from exhaustion."

    Old Cave

    The beast continues to glare as its fangs dug itself into the bubble. its growls growing louder in volume Backing off, it begins to run in circles around Julia until it pauses; it then comes up with a new plan. The beast rams into the bubble, using a great force to physically move the bubble like a ball, making the trainer and Mello lose balance. The beast then crouches, preparing its next attack.

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