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Each Generation has its ups and downs, but if I had to pick a favorite, It'd be the 3rd one.

Fire Red and Leaf Green are, in my opinion still the best Pokemon games made so far. The games just felt so vibrant and colorful. I loved the little things they added like the cutscene you get everytime you used an item on a Pokemon, the recap of your adventure every time you continued playing, the vs seeker and so on.

It's a shame Emerald isn't like FR/LG, it would've been my favorite by far if it was. I believe that Hoenn has the best map, and introduced the most awesome new Pokemon. I believe that I would've enjoyed the 4th and 5th generations more if I hadn't seen every new Pokemon beforehand. Hoenn really felt like an adventure to me, I barely knew any Pokemon so I was continuously discovering new species.