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Originally Posted by 95gemello7 View Post
I find out that offset in unLz, but there isn't the pointer in the animation code... So i achieved to repeat twice that first part of Dragon Claw... My problem now is this: how can I delete the orange/red coloration assumed by the Pokémon after it used Dragon Claw?
My best advice: just delete things until you know what does what. The animation will most likely run in order (why wouldn't it) so if you want to delete the last thing that happens, remove the last set of instructions. Just play with it until it works.

Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
HEY... y cant I checkitem...

none of my checkitem scripts work... it acts like I have the item... even if I dont...

I made a new item (its a land deed) its item 0x15B

so I have a script
checkitem 0x15B 1
if == jump 0xwherever

it just jumped without checking (cause i did not have the item at the time)

is there something wrong with my layout?
I even tried
if true jump 0xwherever
and got the same result
Checkitem stores the result on 0x800D (Lastresult). So, you need to compare LASTRESULT 0x1. Then you can use the if command.

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