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    The game is crashing when the Bug Contest ends. This is the message I receive:

    Pokemon Essentials
    Exception: RuntimeError
    Message: Script error within event 4, map 29 (Natural Park Entrance):
    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: Section120:236:in `pbBugContestScore'undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass
    Full script:

    Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'
    PokemonBugContest:236:in `each'
    PokemonBugContest:236:in `pbBugContestScore'
    PokemonBugContest:96:in `pbJudge'
    PokemonBugContest:152:in `pbStartJudging'
    (eval)in `pbExecuteScript'
    Interpreter:1600:in `eval'
    Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'
    Interpreter:1600:in `command_355'
    Interpreter:494:in `execute_command'

    Interpreter:276:in `pbExecuteScript'
    Interpreter:1600:in `command_355'
    Interpreter:494:in `execute_command'
    Interpreter:193:in `update'
    Interpreter:106:in `loop'
    Interpreter:198:in `update'
    Scene_Map:103:in `update'
    Scene_Map:101:in `loop'
    Scene_Map:114:in `update'
    Scene_Map:68:in `main'

    NM problem solved by replacing line 236 by
    for i in pokemon.iv; ivscore+=i; end
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