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Finished my FireRed challenge!

Badges obtained:

Team when I defeated the Elite 4 & my rival:

♥ The Present!

Shellshock, the Adamant Blastoise♂, level 50
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Brick Break, Earthquake, Surf & Strength

♥ The Valentine!

Vianey, the Lonely Pikachu♀, level 48
Ability: Static
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack & Strength
Held Item: Sitrus Berry

♥ The Attraction!

Snappy, the Gentle Arcanine♂, level 49
Ability: Intimidate
Moveset: Bite, Flame Wheel, Attract & Strength
Held Item: Blackglasses

♥ The Duo!

Zynx, the Mild Jynx♀, level 51
Ability: Oblivious
Moveset: Psychic, Lovely Kiss, Ice Punch, Body Slam
Held Item: Lum Berry

♥ The Pink!

Purin, the Careful Wigglytuff♂, level 47
Ability: Cute Charm
Moveset: Dig, Rollout, Body Slam & Disable
Held Item: Cleanse Tag

♥ The Flower!

The Rash Vileplume♂, level 48
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moveset: Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain & Toxic
Held Item: Quick Claw
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