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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I don't necessarily think it's pointless. Look: having Evolite means that Skarmory won't have access to Shed Shell or Leftovers. That won't be necessarliy good for it against teams that have Magnezone.

It was the same case with Blissey vs Chansey: while Chansey's defenses were better with Evolite, Chansey was severely hindered by her base 35 Special Attack stat, forcing her to rely upon Seismic Toss and Toxic to deal damage to opposing Pokemon. It didn't help that it couldn't use Leftovers to cancel damage from Hail or Sandstorm. That's why people have preferred to use Blissey in OU -- not only they can utilize Leftovers, but it can also use special moves like Flamethrower for pokemon like Scizor.

Again, I've said this many times, but, what if a Skarmoy evo can perform a different function then Skarmory? There can be possibilities and reasons to use Skarmory's evo other than Skarmory.
Totally agreeing with Shawn here. Skarmory's evo could perform very well offensively, while Skarmory itself could just perform defensively. It'd be like swapping stats, in other words~! Plus, the evo would be faster, which would definitely be a good thing in the OU metagame as your speed(if you're intend to sweep) has to be like 95 or higher to be anything remotely threatening.

You're not always going to have a Skarmory counter at your disposal. And Skarmory has one of the best defensive typings in the game, with two immunities and various resistances, and only two 2x weaknesses. The only thing that can dent him from the physical side is Flare Blitz, which, to my knowledge, no OU Poké has access to. It's also weak to Electric, but if you're using Electric moves it's much more effective to use special moves instead.
Exactly, which's not even that threatening? Which is why Magnezone kind of kills it regardless. Like, you have -SEVERAL- Pokemon that can leave a dent in Skarmory: Pretty much every water type in OU(have you met rain dance teams lately? They want to say hi), almost every Pokemon that can learn t-bolt/thunder(Jirachi especially would love Skarmory), as well as every Pokemon that can learn a fire attack(mainly heatran, and I think Garchomp has Fire Blast? There's also Volcarona, Ninetails, Pokemon with HP Fire(which admiteddly is not many bar latios) and the whole nine yards). I mean, Skarmory is a pretty formidable Pokemon, and by no means am I trying to dismiss it as some sort of pushover or anything, but as generations advance, you're going to have a harder and a harder time finding a proper time for that steel bird to properly shine.

So I'm just saying that Skarmory has a lot more problems than just Magnezone to worry about. It can still check Dragons and Steels like it has always done(unless they have fire blast, I'm looking at you, Salamence and MixNite), but yeah.

That all being said, that's why an evolution would definitely help ;o;

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