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    "Women should not carry guns on them. Imagine how many people will get shot up in a shoe sale."

    Guns kill people. If you could ask yourself would you prefer to be raped and not have to live with killing someone or live with killing someone because they tried to rape you ?

    Both could be difficult to live with. Depends if you want to class the solution as being sensible and using prevention methods which could prevent you from possible rape, theft or murder.
    Examples "Don't walk home alone at night, always travel in groups, always get a taxi home with a reliable company (registered taxi) if it is late."

    Criminal acts such as murder and rape are statistically higher (a large percentage which is over 50%) among victims who knew their attacker. They will be caught off guard and may not realize a change in that friend/family members behavior before the act happens so you may not even have the gun on you because you don't feel threatened in that certain environment.

    The only way you can prevent situations happening is being sensible. Girls can get in a stupid attitude that they can get drunk on purpose and then expect the world to be a safety blanket for them to vomit, stumble around and not be taken advantage of. Just be smart, be safe and be sensible.