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Might as well update a bit, though I'm not doing much lately but grinding. I got spoiled by gen VI's experience and Audinos and forgot how long it takes to seriously grind.

But, since the last update, went through Flannery's gym pretty easily - Hazel did almost all the work, though I switched Sylvia and Lemmy in a couple of times, just so they could get a share of the experience. Then I went back down the hill, caught up on the Trick House, and ground a bit. Did most of Norman's gym - every room but the One Hit KO room, which I'm just not going to risk on a Nuzlocke. But I haven't dared face Norman yet - I remember how tough he is. I decided to spend the time grinding everyone up to at least level 32 first. I don't know exactly what his pokemon are at, but that seems pretty good. I got Hazel and Clyde there first, since they're the most important in that gym, and I'm currently working on Sylvia. And that's pretty much it.

Hazel the Marshtomp lvl 32
Clyde the Breloom lvl 32
Sylvia the Linoone lvl 30
Irv the Dustox lvl 27
John the Nincada lvl 26
Lemmy the Loudred lvl 29

Brenda the Mightyena
Vanessa the Kirlia