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Generation III would be my favorite, hands down. Gen IV coming in a close second (Platinum and HG/SS are one of GameFreak's finest Pokémon games). Ruby was the first Pokémon game I ever got and for that, Gen III has a very special place in my book and it's also very nostalgic for me. I've replayed Ruby a number of times, I've honestly lost track. It's definitely the one game I've spent the most time with.

The Hoenn region is also one of the most well mapped regions in my opinion. There terrain is truly beautiful and the variety and difference between the towns and cities probably outmatches every other region thus far. Also, the Pokémon. The Pokémon designs in general are really great I think.

I also really enjoyed playing FireRed and LeafGreen. Since I didn't get to play RBY first, this was more or less my first time getting the chance to experience what those games were like except updated. Like Ruby, I also played those games a number of times well. Not to mention, it comes from the games that started it all.

Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
Even though I grew up with the first gen it is not my favorite gen. That would Gen 4 of pokemon because it added so much to the series: GTS-Mean you did need Diamond and Pearl. Double battles?Vs seeker...more than I can remember but fourth gen changed the series for the better in my opinion.
Gen III is what introduced Double Battles and the Vs. Seeker. You're probably thinking about the Vs. Recorder, which was introduced in Diamond and Pearl.