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    Right uh, how do you plan to beat Verz when they can side in hate versus your hate and they have access to Rabbit into Laggia? Also, Kerykeion makes good rank 4 Xyz regardless. Shadow-Imprisoning is definitely not the sole answer.

    Geargia and or Karakuri is going to wreck faces with the addition of Redox. Machine archetype that can run Fortress + ability to spam Redox + card advantage to use Redox's effect with = BIG EYE DRAGO-SAC REBORN O'CLOCK. Very likely tier 1.

    Fire Fist is monstrously powerful. By no means will they be anywhere near tier 2 - they are solidly tier 1, and that is only at a minimum. Powerful search, powerful advantage engine, powerful field presence, and inability to fight against in battle a lot of the time means that they will terrorize the metagame. Plus, the current hybrid right now - Rabbit with Vorse Raider and Nin-Ken Dog - is also quite strong; easy access to Deck Devastation and Lightning Chidori.

    Also, Verz is the new Macro Rabbit. Just cut Kerykeion and run Macro! (if it comes to needing it, that is.)


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