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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    your an amazing soul....

    i was afraid I would run out of flags... but tis will save me several.
    If you run out of flags, I have a risky, but worth it solution. Just let me know if you do.

    Originally Posted by iDowngrade View Post
    You mean that if i insert my stuff with wichu's sprite editor the palette will not get messed up? ill test it later, thanks for your help!

    Not working, can you tell me how do i fix the pallette or a working and tested video on how to fix this problem?

    And if someone else wants to help me with this

    Please help!

    When i import my front pokemon sprite with unlz.gba, it goes alright.
    But when i import my back pokemon sprite with unlz.gba, when i test it ingame, the palette gets automatically messed up, any helps?
    Please, never use that giant text again. Please. Also, the pallette is messed up because they both share a pallette. A much better way to do it would be to use GIMP and index them both with the same pallette before insertion. An even easier way, just use Wichu's Sprite Editor: The Advance Series. It does the pallettes for you and will also do shiny pallettes very easily.

    Edit: I see you've already used Wichu's but your giant text prevented me from seeing the first part of your message. No kidding. Give it another try. The problem is that your images will have to share the same pallette before going into Wichu's sprite editor.

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