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Originally Posted by rebelxgirl View Post
Hello. I'm new to the PokeCommunity & new to using the Ninetendo WFC (but not new to Pokemon). I'm looking to try out the GTS & Global Link, maybe do some minor trades to see how it works. I have Black, White, & just started Black 2.
Thank you!
Welcome to PokéCommunity. Always happy to see new members join us here. We have two forums specially tailored for people interested in trading. Our main forum is Trade Corner; here you can discuss topics concerning trading and ask questions. Once in a while we'll hold an event/challenge in Trade Corner for members to have a little fun. Our other forum is Trade Shops where most of the trading occurs. There you can make requests, ask for services, visit different shops, or set up your own shop. We have a lot to offer here for all of our members. I hope you enjoy your time here.