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    I'm tired, but I want to get what I have done so far up while I work on the finishing touches, just so everyone knows I'm still here and all.

    Name: Jamie Holladen - Age 17 - Gender Male

    "They called me a sissy, a crybaby, an unmanly weirdo! But I am gonna trounce the entire Johto League, and then they can just call me CHAMPION! Hah! Haha! Hahaha-EEEEEEEEEEKARATTATAGETITAWAYGETITAWAY!"

    Jamie is no stranger to naysayers and negativity. Most people he spends an extended period of time with bear little respect or expectation of him, and he seems to draw bullies in like an ill-fated magnet. Jamie does his best to overlook this, and keeps a positive attitude while maintaining a healthy respect for himself and his abilities. He has the unfortunate habit of taking this confidence too far and acting like a bit of a know-it-all every now and then, and he has trouble trusting others implicitly due to the fact that he's been walked all over throughout his life. He's incredibly bouncy and has the tendency to get incredibly wound up, eventually behaving in an incredibly hyped up and energetic state. This hyperactivity thankfully doesn't seem to entirely extend to Jamie's decision making process, he'd have to be a lot more wound up than usual to start making really stupid moves. His energetic nature, unintentionally arrogant attitude and offbeat thought patterns led many of his classmates in the past to cruelly assume that he's mentally challenged, stupid and - come high school - gay. As a result, he becomes incredibly defensive when his intelligence and mental stability is brought into question, and he becomes downright hostile and confrontational when he comes across someone he feels is less than tolerant in their views of gender roles.

    For all his composure and confidence, Jamie is exceptionally prone to hysterical, tearful and highly undignified emotional meltdowns. This is made all the more poignant with his tendency to scream and cry like a girl half his age, particularly when encountering pokemon that he's scared of like Rattata, Ariados, Rattata, Golbat and Rattata. Jamie attempts his absolute best to restrain himself so as to avoid humiliation and embarassment, but all that ever seems to serve is to make his inevietable breakdown all the more passionate and melodramatic. Weeding out his weepiness and hysteria may in fact be a hidden goal of his travels, although it's certainly not something he would actively voice. Despite the occasional impotent lashing out during his tantrums, Jamie seems to be incapable of acting in anger towards somebody, regardless of how they treat him. One could imagine that if he could fight back the tears long enought to be both angry and composed, the result would most assuredly not be pretty. Jamie's interests range through both the stereotypically masculine and femminine. Jamie has a particular love for romance novels and frequently tries to secretly read them under the guise of more guy-friendly reading material, be it through changing book covers or hiding a smaller book in a larger one. As a result Jamie is rather easily swept up in saccarine tales and events, and has the habit of gushing over a scene of love the same way other boys his age whoop at heart pounding action. He enoys fashion, and pours over different looks and styles with apolmb. His interest was groomed by watching Pokemon Contests day in and day out as a child, and as a result he frequently behaves flamboyantly like the coordinators he had admired as a kid. This flamboyance carries over to his other hobbies, like video games and cooking.

    He seems incredibly self-aware of the fact that his femminine interests and hobbies are extremely outlandish for a boy to have. There have even been some points where Jamie has actively wondered if maybe, just maybe, he should just disappear off the face of the earth and come back as a girl just to throw off the judgement of his peers. Every now and then he gets so low that he even tries to see if he can make himself look the part. Jamie is more hung up on what people think of him than he lets on. He would never admit to feeling anything but apathy from the opinions from others, but he often finds himself dwelling on them in the middle of the night when he's alone. He's gotten so low that when somebody new mistakes him for a girl and compliments him, he doesn't bother to correct them. After all, at least they think that he's pretty...


    I did not make this. This much should be obvious. If I had even the slightest modicum of artistic talent I would be drawing an original appearance for my character instead of ripping of Naoto Shirogane's. I would probably make an original one altogether, but this picture... it just feels so appropriate.

    "Huh? Oh, uh.... thanks... lots of people tell me I'm pretty..."

    Jamie has a lot of girlish features that do little to help the perceived image of him. His slender and delicate frame, cherubic baby face and feathery hair leave many people pinning him as a girl. He has dyed his hair several different colours through his life, but has settled with a dark blue because it happens to be his favourite colour aside from pink. Jamie perfers to wear snappy and slim outfits that compliment his build, and he loves coats especially. He set out on his journey in a dark blue pea coat, but wears lighter clothes in warmer weather. His lighter clothes typically consist of the same dress pants he wears in warm weather and either button up dress shirts or novelty tees from games he plays. Jamie keeps his belongings in a large, pink over the shoulder bag. Anyone that tries to call it a purse will be deathglared.


    Jamie is originally from Lilycove City, and while he has lived in a few other places since including Lavender Town, Saffron City and currently Goldenrod City, he remembers Lilycove the fondest. Perhaps it was the majesty of the Master level Pokemon Contests, maybe it was the beautiful ocean view, maybe it was just the extensive selection of plushies at the local department store. Whatever the reason, Jamie has never quite forgiven his parents completely for moving when he was about ten. He nonetheless owes them a great deal and he knows it. His parents were the ones to introduce him to the wonderful world of contests and coordinators, they always encouraged him in his pursuits, and they always defended him when others sought to bring him down. Even his father, despite admitting from time to time that Jamie is more like the daughter his wife always wanted instead of the son he always wanted, would accept and defend Jamie to the grave regardless of what he did with himself. This knowledge is probably what kept Jamie going through his darkest hours during his constantly shifting adolescent years. He always had trouble adjusting to new places with new neighbours and sights, and it got to the point where he'd look forward to the moment where his family would uproot themselves and move again instead of trying to make their current home work for him.

    Unlike other children his age, Jamie largely held off on trying to set out on a pokemon training journey, wanting to do it back home in Hoenn where Contests were commonplace and actually as big a deal as the Pokemon League itself. Former trainers themselves, Jamie's parents constantly pushed him to take up the journey anyways, citing that it would be good character building for him. The matter eventually became a regular clash between parents and child, and Jamie would regularly stay out of the house for extended periods of time despite being a decidedly indoors person just to avoid the subject. He figured that maybe if he resisted hard enough, they'd move back to Lilycove where they "belonged". The boy spent much of his time nurturing his childish spite, going from a mildly optimistic and cheerful kid to an embittered, introverted teen. Unfortunately, you can't fight your own nature. Jamie tried to focus his attention on the arts and other pursuits, but his work generally wound up going full circle back to Pokemon at the end of the day. Of course, he was much too proud to admit anything of the sort. This pattern continued until Jamie's family moved to Goldenrod City.

    Goldenrod was similar to Lilycove in many ways. Jamie's family lived there longer than they did in almost every other city. The similarities to Lilycove helped Jamie appreciate the city, and he slowly and begrudgingly accepted it as his new home. Jamie was particularly fond of going to the National Park and looking at the sights there. (Except during the Bug Catching Contest of course) It was at the National Park that Jamie saw people of every age spending time with Pokemon, trainers or not. The boy spent a lot of time talking with the trainers in the National Park, trying to convince himself that he was better off not going off to be a trainer. After a couple years of the same routine, however, Jamie realised that he wasn't going back to Lilycove any time soon and that he had squandered almost all of his childhood out of spite.

    Finally reaching a decision, Jamie went to his parents about going on a training journey in Johto. They practically had him packed before he could finish. Together they had researched that he was still young enough to be elidgible to get a pokemon from an official professor, and sent Jamie on his way to New Bark Town.

    Starter Selection

    Solosis with Confuse Ray

    RP Sample

    (Nabbed the first two opening posts I made for an all villains RP I was in briefly. It's one of my favourite introduction posts that I've made.)

    The discussion between the alien and mob thug was quickly interrupted by muffled shouts from upstairs, followed by a thunderous rumbling and the dull roar of several footsteps from above. The sound soon became louder and louder, the rythmic pounding from above drawing closer until it could be heard echoing down the stairway. Two men suddenly filed down the stairs before splitting off and standing in attention on either side of the stairwell, grasping large, exotic looking black rifles. THey bore no barrel, but rather a thick rod at their end, which occasionally gave a bright blue spark and an electric crackle. The two men were garbed in the same armour, which consisted of dark, rusty red plates of some unidentifiable form of metal. The plates were smooth, polished and were streamlined to the point where the soldiers looked more like giant bugs armoured in chitin soaked in blood. Their faces were hidden behind reflective visors, making it seem as though there wasn't actually anything inside these imposing suits of armour. With a sudden war cry, more of the armoured soldiers flooded down the stairs, taking a place on either side of the stairway before standing with the same disciplined stillness as the first two. THere was a brief, a very, very brief period of dead silence before one of the soldiers, presumably one of the ones at the stairwell instead of one of the soldiers on the stairs, bellowed at the top of his lungs, the order coming out of his helmet in a loud, synthesized voice.

    "Crimson Storm Company... SALUTE!" As the order was barked out, the soldiers all took their rifles and threw them over their shoulders, the weapons somehow sticking to the back of their armour as if attached by magnets. A roll of red carpet suddenly barreled down the stairs, rolling out as it went and finally reaching its end shortly before it would've hit the table. Once the carpet was fully rolled out, the soldiers reached for their hips, grasping a small metal disc. With what seemed to be a simple flick of the wrists, a long, saber-like blade burst out from the discs, and the soldier's hands quickly flicked to the side, allowing a hilt to come out of the discs' other end. The soldiers grasped their new weapons and held them up high towards eachother, creating an archway of crossed steel all the way down the stairs. All of this was done in a matter of seconds, and the lifting of the swords was accompanied by a unanimous, robust roar of "HAIL JAMESON!"

    There was once again silence in the room, until there was suddenly a soft pinging noise. A small, red plastic ball suddenly bounced down the stairway, rolling as it reached the floor and slowly making its way to rest by Calignus's foot. "No wait! Come back, Ball!" A little girl's voice suddenly shouted. A small girl with pastel violet hair cut in a short pixie cut suddenly ran down the stairs in a panic, her hands covered in dark purple mittens that matched the two cat ears poking out of her hair and the long, fuzzy tail that was flailing about from under her frilly, white and blue party dress. The girl didn't seem to pay attention to any of the people in the room, be they soldier, alien, dragon or demon. Instead, she made a beeline for her ball, picking it up from Calignus' side and hugging it tightly to her body. "Baaaalll... I TOLD you not to go talk to strangers...." She scolded it in a whining voice before looking up and noticing everyone else in the room. "Um... hi..." She said shyly, raising a mittened hand and sheepishly waving.

    If the soldiers took any notice or offense to the little girl, they did not show it, instead maintaining their salute as if nothing happened.


    The little girl looked up at Calignus, clutching her ball tighter. "Hello Mr. Calignus, Sir." She said quietly. "Mommy should be down here any moment now, if that's who you're looking for."

    A set of voices could be heard as more steps sounded through the stairway. A harsh male voice seemed to be snapping various commands and orders, and as it grew louder, its comments became much easier to understand.

    "-and there is no use skulking off and hiding, either. Good posture man, you have made the Mistress Karen proud. And do not think of switching your identification tags and armour with another. I want to see some more spit and polish on that breastplate, madam. We are trying to make a favourable impression. In the time you took to fumble that ball, I recorded every physical feature about you down to the mole on your left hip. Straighten up soldier, eyes forward, good. Stay that way. And let me assure you, Unit-066, if something happened to Mistress Violet's ball, I will personally see to it that you are subjected to a week's worth of physical pain so outright horrific that you will NEVER be able to fully recover from it psychologically. Lift that weapon a little bit higher, lad, you almost gave me a shave! And so help me, if anything happened to Mistress Violet herself, you will be wishing something happened to her ball instead..."

    A tall, rather young looking woman with long, red hair marched down the stairs, the two coattails of her tight red leather jacket hanging behind her. And it was probably a thankful thing, too, for she was wearing equally tight black pants, and more than a few of the soldiers on the stairs breifly broke their attention in an attempt to view how it complimented her rump, only for the coattails to obscure the view. Her hands were clasped behind her back, but she soon brought them out as she stepped down to the floor, tugging on her white gloves to make sure they were as snug as they could be and securing the large and yellow flared cuffs of her jacket. The catgirl immediately ran to the woman, hugging her leg tightly, but she paid the girl no mind, looking at each villain present. Her natural left eye gave a piercing gaze as the light of her red, cybernetic one burned fiercly, cutting through whatever gloom may have been in the room in an eerie manner similar to a Borg drone.

    Three more individuals were right behind the woman, two of them keeping a rhythmic pace while the last stumbled in a hurry. At the woman's right was what would been assumed to be a man, were it not for the fact that he towered over the woman at front, and for that matter, just about everyone else in the room. He was tall, but not overly large and musclebound. He wore a snappy black uniform, with silver cufflinks and rope-like decoration. His blonde hair was slicked back, but still showed itself to be light and feathery, and it was tied back into a neat, organized ponytail with nary a strand out of place. He kept a black officer's hat tucked under his arm, and given his stern expression and authoritative air, he seemed to have been the one that was shouting commands and orders all the way down. His features were sharp, angular and unyielding, granting the impression that he was carved from stone. Giant though he was, he actually took notice on the little girl, giving her a surprisingly gentle smile and gesturing for her to come to his side. The catgirl was quick to oblidge, running over to the officer and gripping his leg like she would be blown away if she showed any sign of letting go.

    The woman at the lead's other side could've passed for her twin, bearing many of the same facial features and sharing many of the same alluring curves, made all the more evident by a dark blue catsuit that hugged her body at all of the right places. However, it was clear the two were not the same. The woman in the body suit had skin that was a pale, powdery blue, and it had a metallic sheen to it that suggest she was some sort of highly advanced android. Her irises of her eyes were a bright, neon blue, glowing even in the light, further evidence of her inhuman nature. Her completely white hair was kept in a very long braid that went down to the small of her back, and metal wires could be seen among the mass, making it look like a family of steel, blue and white snakes had been tied together. Various metal plates hung from her suit, providing what was presumably basic protection to her extremities only. A bright violet scarf was tied around her waist like a dancer's sash, and it was lined with several shiny metal tokens of seemingly no value. The metal woman didn't even bother recognising anyone in the room, simply staring forward and only looking away to occasionally and briefly shoot a glance over to the uniformed man.

    The final entrant looked much like the previous soldiers, although his armour was a dull grey, looked far less intimidating, and wasn't nearly as polished. A white 066 was painted onto the breastplate, but aside from that he was about as undescribable as the other soldiers. He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when the girl and her ball appeared to be unharmed, and he took his place alongside the soldier on the left side of the stairwell. Yet another difference between this soldier and the others was noted. This one was completely unarmed.

    "At ease." The woman in the lead firmly stated. As soon as the words left her mouth, the soldiers all took their weapons down. The blades retracted back into discs and found themselves back at their owners' hips. Some of the men simply adapted an eased, casual stance, while others felt it necessary to take their rilfes back out, although none of them lifted their weapons or took a stance that could be considered anything but neutral.

    The lead woman looked back at the man at her right, gesturing towards a chair with her head. Without question, the man patted the catgirl on the head, motioning for her to let go before stepping over to a chair at the table, bringing it over to his mistress and gesturing for her to sit. "Thank you Epsilon..." She said, gesturing for the man to step back and rejoin the girl. She sat down at the table, sitting forward and resting her head in her hand, taking on an almost bored expression and tone. "Only one of you I have met before, although I will admit I did not expect him here... what have I missed? Or am I, in fact, right on time?"

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