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Julia Blackwood - Old Cave
Julia shrunk back slightly as an ink beast roared at her, suddenly realizing exactly what the danger was. That /thing/ wanted to eat her! She backed straight into a seemingly solid bubble, and was promptly thrown around inside as it was impacted by the beast, causing Julia to bang her head rather harshly as she fell. "Ow..." she remarked, clutching at the side of her head and attempting to fix the position of her glasses on her face with her free hand. An idea came to her through the ache in her skull; the inside of this bubble had a slippery quality much like ice. She reached out to grab Mello, hugging the small pokemon to her chest and pressing one leg against the side of the bubble.

"Keep the barrier up..." she whispered quietly in a soft, sweet tone. She then waited for the beast to deliver another blow. This time however things would go a little bit differently on her end.

The bubble shifted under her as it was rammed and began to roll. She struggled to keep her balance, but compensated by pumping her legs as hard as she could, gritting her teeth as her head throbbed. Gotta go fast The ball began moving faster, and she soon found that she was at a make or break point where stopping would almost definitely result in her being thrown around wildly by the inertia. She pumped harder and faster and the ball only sped up further. Gotta go faster! Without further notice, the barrier shot off down the cave like a pinball with girl and pokegirl inside. Say hello to a low friction environment. It was like running in a hamster wheel, only she would no doubt soon find herself hitting solid objects that would no doubt threaten to knock her off balance and test the very limits of how much force her body could endure. Hopefully she could avoid colliding head on with any vertical walls, and hopefully the presence of her pokemon would keep her strong enough to handle it.
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