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Lucy - Approaching Jubilife
Lucy twitched a bit, not quite amused with Koto's apparent paranoia. "I don't want to /kill you/! If I wanted to, I would have done it already!" she claimed, staring down at her stomach. Only after several minutes of what was apparently silence did she realize something was wrong. "...Hello? Do you /hear/ me??" she asked, prodding her stomach sharply twice before become frustrated and placing her hands on her hips. Well, one thing was for sure. He /definitely/ wasn't getting out if he was going to play silent! He could just stay in there! That would show him!

"...I guess everything must look bad in your eyes." Lucy observed in a lackluster tone to Amethyst. "You were out for a while there. Is everything alright..?" she asked. Amethyst had no doubt noticed that Lucy's stomach was occupied. This didn't stop the larger female from proceeding on her way without regard for the extra weight hanging from her mid-section. "I guess we're looking for attackers." she said in a quiet voice. Though she'd only pointed out the obvious, that was honestly because she really didn't... have a plan to speak of. Did they wait for an attack? Confront someone suspicious? What warranted suspicion? She supposed she'd have to keep her eyes out, and be ready to fight on a full stomach. How unideal.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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