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Originally Posted by WarriorCat View Post

I heard of this, but never played it, I kinda want to try it since the english version is from Atlus, and Atlus made one of my favorite series, Shin Megami Tensei.

Does anyone else play: Lollipop Chainsaw
I love this game and it's so inappropriate, constant sexual talk.
I'd never spend my time to play the game, because Suda. It's one of my "Youtube and enjoy sex talk" games.

Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
Yeah, I enjoyed the ones I played. Didn't get around to Partners in Time, though, but I hear I'm not missing much there.

Does anyone play Devil May Cry 3?
I actually didn't play 3, even though it's supposed to be the best one. :c

Anyone play Resident Evil 6? Please tell me I'm not the only one still. I bought it for 60, and the crap is 20 in stores now. Ffs
he did it, not me.