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    Tobi Gustav
    Tobi found himself somewhat sluggish within the air of the castle. He was somewhat suspicious of Rutack but thankful that he releived Tobi of the guards so he tried his best to keep up. He felt the walk somewhat dull so he decided to answer Rutack's question. "Err Rutack was it? Thanks you for the kind escort to the king. I do have a dragon of my own". Tobi looks out the barred windows of the castle. "I left him outside in the stables as I was brought in by the guards. But I'm confused as to how the King knew of me as a dragon tamer".

    Before Rutack could answer he had invited along a young woman he refered to as Lady Thia. This put Tobi in the mind that she was somone important. He pondered about asking her about her situation in visiting the King but decided against it. The young woman seemed to have much to sharp an air about herself to be bothered. Instead Tobi decided to silently follow Rutack down the corridor, remembering his promise to return to Triton safely.
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