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    Update time for my Silver run

    • Started the game
    • Did all that Mr. Pokemon starting stuff
    • Had an encounter with ???
    • Went to the Ruins of Alph and caught Friend Ball (F. Ball for short) the Unown. I've never used an Unown in a challenge before, so I now is a good time to try it out as a team member.
    • Went to Sprout Tower and caught Smoke Ball (S. Ball for short) the Gastly. I swear, it'll be so hard for me to remember it's not suppose to evolve since I'm so used to evolving Gastly into Haunter. Oh well. Adds to the challenge.
    • Beat Falkner with the almighty power of S. Ball's Hypnosis and Rage from Totodile since my Unown has Hidden Power Ghost so I got walled...mostly.
    • Took out everything in Sprout Tower. It's required, so meh.
    • Fought my way through up until Azalea Town.
    • Bought a few Super Potions and went to the Slowpoke Well
    • Took down Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well
    • Went and battled my rival, Riku. Wasn't easy, but I managed to beat him.
    • Saved in the Azalea Town Gym.

    Team Wakka

    F. Ball (Unown) Lv. 15
    Moves: Hidden Power (Ghost)

    S. Ball (Gastly) Lv. 16
    Moves: Hypnosis, Lick, Curse, Mean Look