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Gold Tribe, please.
Name: Astrid Helixpetal
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Title: The Cleric, Lady Flora
Pokemon Species: Lilligant

Appearance: Astrid is a taller than average Lilligant standing at nearly four feet tall. Her flower is cherry red instead of orange and she her walk in more a skip when joyfully. Her eyes are bright red gumdrops instead of the orange color orginally. Astrid is always wearing her Gold Emblem (or any tribe) concealed under a red scarf. She's a girly-girl so she learns to accessorize with almost anything she finds pretty; so she'll always have on many fashions of bracelets and necklaces. Always keeping a satchel with many varia items in it she turns out to pretty usefull with all the things she finds.

Personality: Astrid is a timid pokemon when first meeting others though she becomes more outspoken when in the company of trusted fellows. She'll even take on a lead position if asked to lead with fellow friends. Once angered she'll grumble about but will never raise her voice unless provoked. She's a mediator at heart; trying to keep tension at all time low when in a party. She loves the outdoors and sunlight and will seem more cheery and airy when present in said setting.

When in battle she is the last to throw a punch; meaning she'll wait until she thinks there will be no reprecations to her attacks before finishing an opponent off. This makes her the worst possible dueler since she doesn't like to strike first. She also doesn't like to kill things she's more a healer, that is mostly her roles in battle because of her nuturing nature.

She is a hoarder, or she thinks she is. Her home is filled with things she thought where: 'cool, pretty, cute, wonderful and marvelous'. Because her attitude towards everything is positive she thinks everything has a home in her home or satchel. Leading to some pretty awkward conversations when she brings others to her home and want to show them every, single, item.

History: Astrid was born during the last years of the peace of the Alpha Allianceto a Lillgant mother and Abomasnow father. Her father was a respected member among their hometown: Cape City thus leading to Astrid immidietly being exposed to city life. Her father had always attended dinners for business for their wealthy family. When Astrid turned six years old she had seen her first Rescue Team Party and she knew that she wanted to do that living. When she spoke her idea to her family her father was extremely furious with her because he had planned on her being the heiress of the family. Her mother however, who had been a Rescue Team Member, approved the idea and trained her in combative supportive roles once her father had finally cooled down.

Once Astrid was sixteen she joined her first Rescue Team named Team Flora and Fauna. The team was composed of a number of Normal, Grass and Ground type Pokemon with the leader being a Ferret. That Ferret's name was Echo. Echo and Astrid quickly became friends and were friends for many years thereafter. She got most of her combat experience from the group thus leading her to evolve in to a Lilligant rather early.

Turning twenty-two she was witnessing the Rescue Team she had join began to crumble, once it the team disbanded because of internal issues Echo and she responded to a advertisement for Gold Tribe and became members within the next year. When twenty-three Astrid and Echo began their training and became full-fledge members after two years. Sadly, even with their memebership it was obvious where Alpha Alliance was headed. When Cape City, where Astrid and Echo were stationed, was attacked Echo was killed and Astrid fled into hiding. Now, once getting word that the Gold Tribe was reviving she travelled back to her hometown of Cape City, two years after the first attack by Silver Tribe, to traverse the tunnels in search of more Gold Tribe members whom had she followed to the city.

Moveset: Hyper Beam, Double-Slap, Petal Dance, Grass Whistle, Sunny Day and Energy Ball.
Other: Can I get a quick run down on current events. I have an idea of what is going on but some clarification would be nice. Thanks in advance!
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