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Bring Me The Horizon - Antivist

Bring Me The Horizon has always been one on my favorite bands. When I began listening to metal almost four years ago, Bring Me The Horizon was one of the first couple of bands that progressively got me into heavier music; the first song my friend and I found was called Pray For Plagues off of their first full-length album titled "Count Your Blessings." Though I haven't known them as long as many others, since I never even really heard of the metal genre until my freshmen year of high school was ending, I've always been a huge fan of all of their albums and loved all of their songs.

They've been given a ton of crap as their music began to get "lighter." I still really liked their music. When the album "There is a Hell, Believe me I see it; There is a Heaven, Let's keep it a Secret" came out, I thought it was a great album! I was excited for more! With their newest album on the Horizon, they have just released their second song from it. The album is called "Sempiternal" which is released on April 30th, and I am beyond stoked. The first song they released was called "Shadow Moses," which also has its own music video too. You can check it out if you want; the editing effect is really neat!

tl;dr: I love this band a lot; this is a new song from their new soon-to-be-released album. :)


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