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    Alistar Callan

    Alistar landed softly on the roof of the castle, Cecil landing a few feet away with nary a sound. The castle would be hard to get into, as it should be. This was no mere nobleman's house, Honim had been far less secure. Alistar walked over to the edge of the roof and swung himself over. His only chance would be a boarded over window in what was most likely an unused part of the castle.

    He began his long trek downwards, carefully choosing his path. His light blue shirt and brown pants billowed in the the slight wind. He was halfway to his goal when he was met with sound of grating and then rushing air. Alistar let out a slight yelp as the brick he was holding slid out of the wall.

    Frantically looking for a way to save himself, Alistar spied a barred window rapidly approaching. He quickly seized a bar, almost wrenching his right shoulder out of socket. Breathing a sigh of relief, he wrapped his other hand around the bars and pulled himself up to look inside; only to come face to face with a young brown haired man.
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