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I fell. Darkness all around. I had passed out. What was left of me I didn't know. I started to slow down. It was still pitch black. Then all of a sudden my pokemon were there. All floating around me. Then down from the darkness came Azelf. Azelf spoke in its native language, but I seemed to understand every word of it.

Azelf said

"Keep your friends close, but your pokemon closer.
Shadow, the pokemon in you possession are very special and they care for you as much as you care for them.
But soon you will encounter a new pokemon friend. One that will need your help. If you can, befriend this pokemon and let it join you on your adventure"

As I started to ask Azelf what this new pokemon would be, mesprit appeared and blasted me with a physic ray.

I woke up on Omega's Jellicent, with the others staring at me. I asked a few questions, but before we could get answers, we seemed to have reached our destination. A huge underwater Warehouse...
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