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    world of warcraft (WoW)-i actually quit WoW not because it was a bad game but because i couldnt play responsibly. my day usually ended up being-wake up 6am and play till about 1pm,eat and surf the web till 3,then play WoW until about 3am...rinse and repeat. i actually lost weight playing the dang thing.

    2.sacred 2 fallen angel-i JUST finished a 10 hour marathon and only stopped because i have to go somewhere. when i get back home ill take a nap then do another all nighter. a severely underestimated game for the consoles that sucked at least 500 hours of my life away so far, and i havent even level capped all my toons.also i changed my gamertag and my old toons have been wiped from the leaderboards so now i want top spot to compensate the embarrassment whichll take months to a year at the rate i play

    3.pokemon silver(original gbc)-i played this game so freakin much that the internal battery died. id play the game for like 200 hours and restart repeatedly

    ive recently had a partying problem and have decided to stop due to suddenly realizing i was no longer fitting in as i got more and more back into the nerdiness( at least in public as i used to be a closet nerd-i sweat neuromancer and akira out of my pores lol). however now that i dont party my so-called friends have all left leaving me to my rainbow six,tes oblivion, and mainly(as in 98 percent of my gaming)sacred 2 addiction. im spiraling into a 5 hour work 16 hour sacred and 3 hour sleep schedule with smatterings of interwebz and am enjoying it oddly enough.its not that bad since i have insomnia and my shrink prescribed me adderall fot adhd recently(south carolina doesnt have a big mental health budget-cant you tell lol)

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