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    More X&Y insider junk from 4chan.

    Yes, while I do know that "leaks" from 4chan can be easily taken with grains of salt, (in this case, I highly doubt 4Chan would be anyone with inside info's first port of call...), and yes, I know it's not real info and only just speculations, its just, some of those speculations are... kinda interesting!

    Like the Timetravel idea. Plus given that it's happened before in the games, it wouldn't be as out-there as one may think. The Bond system has serious potential as well, giving pokémon-trainer relationships a bigger role than the Happiness Counter, which, admittedly, I follow. Using it to make way for more moves similar to Return, in addition to the fuzzy feeling you get when your psychotic, sadistic 3 headed Dragon loves you so much, would make raising the critters far more rewarding. Of course, maybe it would also solve the Sylveon evolution mystery?

    Finally, while most of these "new pokémon" sound.... weird, those Card Quartet Legendaries sound kind of cool~ My best guess is that they'd be dual types akin to the Rotom formes who share one basic type. Perhaps Normal or Dark. Or maybe a Normal/Ghost is a combo?

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