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    Masato Ryu: Chapter 1

    He stood before a pair of large gates that led to the inner confines of Hell. Though he had been here before many times, he would never see the same people within the flames. Thinking about it, he opened the soul jar, releasing Vincent Durand from his temporary prison. Vincent looked around at where he was and turned around quickly. Masato, though, shoved him through the gates, allowing him to be swallowed up in the flames. He had allowed a few times to let the sols go through the gate themselves, but they would only cry and try to bargain with him for another chance. It was the same over and over, so he simply decided not to give them a chance to do it.

    He created a portal back to Limbo and walked through it, quickly reporting to the Grim Reapers the success of the mission. Just as quickly, they gave him a briefing for another mission. Vatican City was the location, and a priest was the target. Seems this priest has found a way to end all war. Idiot. War, he knew, was a nescessary evil. Masato and another would be sent to kill this priest, but something about this seemed...he couldn't put his finger on it, but he had a feeling that something big was gonna happen soon.

    Finding a quiet spot where he would be out of the way of everyone else, he sat down in another meditative position to conserve his energy for the mission to come. This would also help pass the time while he waited for his partner to come.

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