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Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
Change "it's what they buy that costs too much" to "it's what they're being charged for living that's too high" and I might agree with the article. Food and gas could be free, and someone working 1 full-time job here in New Jersey still wouldn't be able to pay rent with minimum wage, let alone the robbery that are taxes, insurance, and costs of education.
Wages haven't really gone up in thirty years. The cost of living has, as it does. Wages are what needs to change.

But the conditions aren't there for it to happen.

Back in yesteryear, Ford didn't raise his employee's wages so that they would be able to buy his cars. That angle was a marketing ploy. He had very large employee turnover and wanted to keep them to increase productivity. Increasing wages actually saved him money. No one is paying a competitive wage and hiring on mass for scenario to recreate itself.

But today, that's not how how it works. The standard isn't to a have a "job" anymore, but a "role". Temporary positions working on a project, for cheap. Project is over, you move on to another role, another project, another company. Never moving up the ladder.

That needs to change somehow. Companies are sitting on a lot of dead money.
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