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I was taking a long nice run around Aspertia, when Sableye hatched! we became aquianted, and after a quick stop at the Pokemon Center, we head of on our journey together! On Route 20, we defeated some Purrloins, and sped our way through to Virbank. On arrival, we trained up in the Complex before sweeping Roxie's Gym, and just as we were about to leave, a scout from Pokestar Studios came along and invited me to become an actor! So I'm about to star in my first film, after seeing a, unique production by Roxie's Dad, and Sableye needs a little rest after all the battling he's done s far.

Sableye Lv.19 (Keen Eye) @Pecha Berry
-Shadow Claw
-Power Gem
-Confuse Ray

White 2: