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Totally going with Pinkie-Dawn here. I was pretty skeptical at first, and then I read everything, and one of the key things that stood out is the 99 new Pokemon...why not like, idk, 150 like they usually do? It doesn't really make much sense to me, but I guess.

I mean, a lot of this stuff seems at least remotely plausible. Pinsir evolution, something that some fans have been waiting for, could be a good possibility. Hariyama evolution? Seems a bit odd, since Hariyama is pretty powerful in it's own right, but not really arguing much with that. A lot of the other info also seems a bit sketchy, for example only 6 new legendaries, seems way too few, and in general, it just doesn't seem like a move GF would do.

It seems like they would add more legendaries, add a brand new experience with brand new Pokemon, things of that nature, and give the player a vast world to explore. x_x Not really trusting in this information, sadly.
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