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Originally Posted by wafflecar View Post
If the christmas season wasn't over i would play this on my youtube channel!
Nice! Well, I feel pretty safe in saying that by July it would be ready, so you could always do a "Christmas in July" Let's Play or something if you wanted haha.


Also, here is a slight update. I've been working on trainer-related things lately. Updating trainer rosters (no more Cueballs with teams that feel like Firebreathers, for example), working on the Battle Tower's machines, and the Viridian Trainer House.

And speaking of the Battle Tower, the machines are of course similar in function to the ones from the (canceled) Pokémon Sterling Silver. But this time around, you get coins like the Game Corner uses if you win a battle, and there are additional Prize Exchanges in the Battle Tower.

Also, I think I've mentioned this already, but there will now be a different trainer in the Viridian Trainer House depending on which day of the week it is. It won't give you coins like the Battle Tower does, though.

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