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    Rutack Shadowblade

    "Err Rutack was it? Thanks you for the kind escort to the king. I do have a dragon of my own. I left him outside in the stables as I was brought in by the guards. But I'm confused as to how the King knew of me as a dragon tamer". Rutack pondered Tobi's question and decided on a simple answer that wouldn't give away him too much, at least now he knew that what Shade had alearted him of was Tobi and his dragon. "the king has his sources," he replied, "and with the recent odd events hapening, the king gave out orders, that's as much as I know, why else would guards be allowing and escorting Dragon tamers around like they were of the royal court or some other noble?" he continued walking for a moment then asked, "if I may ask Tobi what type of dragon is your dragon?"

    Rutack continued walking leading them around a corner, then a sound caught his ear, the sound of a brick sliding out of it's place, he wandered over to where the sound was and found a young brown haired guard looking at something. Rutack approached, placed his hand on the shoulder of the guard, who nearly jumped out of his skin, to look at what he was looking at. he saw a man hanging on for what looked like dear life on the edge of the window, Rutack ordered the window opened and he grabbed the man's wrists and pulled him into the castle. "next time you want to get into the castle, use the front door. it's allot safer than dangling off the edge of a castle wall." he said to the man, "who are you anyway?" he asked studying the man's face, no profile seemed to come to mind.
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