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    Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
    I'm just going to tell you how to add a new OW. First, never use the hero data for an OW template, pick a regular OW. Now, copy and paste the data that the pointer in our first table points to (the one that begins FFFF10) to some free space. Create a pointer at end of our table to this new location.

    Now, modify the ini file for NSE to reflect the new location of our table.

    Next, open NSE and go into options and turn "Advanced Mode" on. Then go under boundaries and turn them all off.

    Now you should be able to edit your new sprite, very similar to how it works in OWERE. Remember to repoint the sprite pointer so a new bank. NSE can create this new bank, the in a preference option in one of the menus.
    Sorry if I sound noobish, I'm pretty new around... But how do I create the ini file?