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    Jercio Shade (Jason)
    Violet Academy

    Jercio rushed to his side of the field. He was pumped forhis first NPC battle. Even if these things were idiots in the games here theymay finally prove a challenge. Jercio sent out Yohi to lead the pack while Gregsent out a Sentret.

    “I love predictable teams.” Jercio laughed seeing the commonrodent pokemon enter the battle field.

    “You’ll see what we can do. I’ve been studying!” Gregoryreplied.

    “Yep totally an NPC” Jercio muttered, “Yohi let’s show umwhat we got. Show him the trick shot first.”

    Yohi nodded as he yipped in agreement. He rushed forward andappeared to be attempting a Karate Chop, but instead quickly swapped to a backhand that left the Sentret dazed for a moment.

    “Follow up with a tackle.” Jercio ordered.

    ‘This would be so much easier if Tyrogue actually learnedsome fighting moves. Gah I’m terrible at picking starters.’ Jason thought.

    Yohi meanwhile dutifully wrestled the Sentret to the ground,and let off one good punch before the Sentret used quick attack to free itselfand make a decently damaging attack with its tail. Tackle was Yohi’s onlyattack at this point and both trainer and pokemon understood that. The battlewent on in a similar manner due to that. Yohi would strike with tackle whilethe Sentret swapped between scratch and quick attack to deal some damage. Yohiwas much more trained though so the Sentret had to sumbit. Yohi took a beating,but statistically speaking was only just to half health.

    The second pokemon was the one who gave Jercio a hard time.A Mareep was Greg’s back up plan. It too was lower leveled, but its range andability had Yohi at the disadvantage. Jercio also knew that Hurek had no chancedue to the typing. Yohi had to stick it out for the rest of this battle so thatWitor would we be capable of winning.

    Yohi couldn’t even use fake out again, so he stuck with hisonly attack, and went all out. Yohi tackled the Mareep and pounded it over andover again. That move hit hard, but when Yohi tried to get back he found hislimbs stiff and nearly immovable. Static had done its job, and left Yohiincapable of attacking. It only took a couple of thundershocks before he wasout of the match.

    “Sorry Yohi. Can’t plan for what we don’t see. Now then,Witor finish the job.” Jercio shouted sending out his Spinarak.

    “Let’s slow things down.” Jercio ordered.

    Witor hissed and chattered before launching a sticky stringall over the Mareep to restrict its movements. Even then it was able to attackwith thundershock from a long range. Witor scuttled around trying to dodge theattacks while firing off his own poison sting attacks. The needles keptstriking the Mareep and the thundershocks were hitting Witor, but it was allover when Witor was able to maneuver around the slow sheep, and get a criticalhit on the pokemon which did massive damage due to Witor’s sniper ability.

    “And that is how you build a team.” Jercio said as Witor scurried to his side.