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    > Eat a lava cookie and use the plasters. You don't want to lose too much blood. Look in the wallet too. Money is good.
    > You should probably look at your still bleeding foot, try washing it out with some of the potion. Try ripping the Toy Giraffe apart so you can bandage your wound and then use the Graffer Tape to tape it to your foot. Hopefully that will act as a shoe replacement.

    So far this morning you have woken to an empty world, taken a footful of broken glass, and fought with unmentionable horrors – twice. It is most definitely time for breakfast.

    You eat a Lava Cookie and ponder, in an absent sort of way, why That Thing threw up when he ate it. I mean, it's delicious. Presumably he can only digest meat. Or could only digest meat, since right now you're fairly sure he can no longer digest anything at all.

    That done, you wash out your wounds with the Potion – which burns like tequila and seems to peel off three layers of dead skin, leaving your hands and foot cleaner than they have ever been in your life – and stick plasters haphazardly over your wounds until they're more or less covered.

    Othodox is Slightly Wounded and Mostly Not Bleeding!

    Man, you are such an excellent surgeon.

    Next, you turn your attention to your lack of a right shoe. Time to put some of those items you looted to good use.

    You wrap a short length of your Gaffer Tape around the larger end of a particularly dangerous-looking Glass Shard, then cut open the Toy Giraffe and insert your foot into it. You then tape it up again and stand up hesitantly.

    Amazingly, it seems to work.

    Othodox crafted one Dangerous Makeshift Knife! Othodox put the Dangerous Makeshift Knife in the Weapons Pocket.

    Othodox crafted one Novelty Giraffe Shoe! Othodox put the Novelty Giraffe Shoe on his foot.

    You take an experimental step. Your right foot is now slightly higher up than your left, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was five minutes ago.

    You feel like Thomas Edison.

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