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I'm really nervous and really excited!!

I haven't posted here lately because I left my job in December, but I got a call from one of my former co-workers/assistant manager today, he just left me a voicemail saying that they're short handed right now and if I'd want to work a day or two.

I REALLY want to go back, I already made it known with everyone that I'd be returning in the summer to work (which is probably why they called me, I guess?) but I'm just afraid if they're short handed, they might try to put too many hours on me like last time, which is what interfered with my schoolwork... and I don't want to take a risk this time, cause I'm making all As and a couple Bs in my classes so far.

But because I'm doing so well, maybe I can afford to work again? Argh, I'm not sure >< I really want to call back but I just want to like, decide for myself what to tell them, because I'm unsure about that myself. The store closes at 9 so I don't want to call any later than 8, and I don't want to call over the weekend because they're so busy then, too.

Honestly, I kind of want to take this opportunity to go back to them as an actual employee, not just a fill-in, now instead of waiting until summer.