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    As Shadow awoke in the Warehouse, I finally had a good look around. The walls were bare except for one poster that said

    Think you're tough?
    Wanna rule the world?
    Well look no further! I, Archie, will give you the opportunity of a lifetime!
    You can have it all for only 1000 Poke Dollars a week!
    Archie's Grunt Camp

    I laughed at the poster. People were so stupid. "Guess that means we'll have to deal with annoying wannabe bad guys". Omega pointed out. "Fine by me," said Shadow. "Been awhile since I've had a good training session with my Pokemon anyway."

    Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit circled around to get our attention, then spoke in unison using telepathy. <There are three pads, each one will take you to a different part in the Warehouse. Choose the one that calls to you!>

    I was about to ask them what they meant by that, but they vanished in a flash of light. Perfect. The three of us walked to the back of the room where the teleportation pads were. One blue, one green, and one black. "They said to pick the one that called to us..." I could feel uncertainty flow off all of us. In an impulse, I called out Swampert and jumped on the blue one. What I didn't tell them, was that I picked it because it was my favorite color. Everything turned blue, then suddenly, I was in the middle of a room, surrounded by people and their Pokemon training. All with Aqua emblems on their arm. Whoops.
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