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These pads were odd... something seemed calm about the Green Pad and the Blue Pad felt like it was radiating with Power. The black pad had no aura though... I decided to take the Black Pad for the sake of Shadow's safety. I went onto the pad and was teleported into a room of darkness, there was nothing around I called out "Hello!" it echoed forever, was this room infinite. Then I got Houndoom out. "Houndoom!" I said "give us some light!" Houndoom's body began to glow from the fire within as we walked Houndoom's prints left a distinct colouration on the floor.

What we saw in that room was bizarre, Pokemon eggs were floating in giant capsules filled with water, the Pokemon eggs however were blank like they could have any pokemon in it. Houndoom and I went on until we finally found another light, I walked closer and say a person collapsed on the ground they had the Aqua Emblem on them but had been badly burnt as well as their pokemon. I pulled the light out, switched it off and continued... I began to hear voices something or someone was talking from afar... but I couldn't see anything I eventually reached a wall of this room. Then I heard something a whisper almost "... Put ... ... DNA ... ... ... Eggs ... release them ... stasis" at that moment I heard footsteps I had Houndoom turn out his light and we hid behind a corner.

As the footsteps neared I saw a red cloak and the Magma Emblem! It was Maxie, Tabitha and Courtney...

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