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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    i have 2 odd situations going on...

    1: i have map connection issues... when going from map 1 to map 2 it works fine... but when coming back they dont work... its like walking into a wall... the connection is there... looking at the header following the connection offset the hex info for the connection (its straight forward) is also correct... I cant find any reason y it wouldnt work...

    2: I added a map bank 43... and have added 20 maps to it... it seems anything over 18 i cant warp to... i get black screens... there are no events on the map, no map scritps... no reason for it to do anything other than warp me to where i wanna go... but it dont

    both these things work in advance map... by double clicking the warp i get warped... and by following the map connection it goes where its supposed to go...

    all other map connections ive made have worked fine... and all other warps from the map im working with work fine (its the main town map so there are alot of warps)

    is there a max warp per map? is there something im missing... just any ideas would help cause from looking at the code it seems right...
    1. Can you go back and forth in A-map?

    2. Sometimes maps get corrupted. Just insert the new maps that don't work into a new map bank and change everything to point to there new locations. Then everything should work.

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